TRINITY opening event at EMO Hannover 2019

The TRINITY opening event on “Robotics for agile and competitive manufacturing” was organised on 19 September 2019 during the EMO Hannover fair.

Robotics, automation and IoT play a critical role in the factories of the future. These technologies are essential for manufacturing companies to survive in the next decade, increase their competitiveness and production capacity. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of companies is using these technologies. The speakers at the event gave concrete examples of how these technologies can help to increase productivity, agility and make lot size one economically feasible. Cybersecurity was another of the subjects discussed.

Projects such as TRINITY can speed the technology transfer and shorten time to market. In order to reach these objectives, it was explained that TRINITY will develop a series of use cases to demonstrate how novel robot and digital technologies can contribute to increasing the agility of production processes across different manufacturing sectors. As part of the project two rounds of open calls for funding will be launched. Information on the upcoming open calls, the first call will open in November 2019, was also given.

Below you can find the agenda of the event, presentations and the press release with the main conclusions of the opening event.



1- TRINITY introduction at EMO Minna Lanz

2- Kankainen_Fastems

3- Fiedler_ABB


5 – Ulrich – LSEC_3IF_Cybersecurity_Robotics_20190918

6- Ernst-Resado

7- TRINITY EMO OpenCall presentation

Press release

TRINITY Press release 25.09.2019